BreastScreen Australia – video – Getting tested for breast cancer can save your life

This video explains why it's important to get tested for breast cancer, and what to expect when getting a test.


Getting tested for breast cancer can save your life.

As we get older, the risk of breast cancer gets bigger.

If breast cancer is found early on, when it’s still small, it’s easier to treat.

Finding it early means, better treatment and management, so that up to 9 out of 10 women will survive.

BreastScreen Australia has recently expanded and now the invitation for breast screening goes out to all women aged 50 to 74.

It can be hard to tell if you have breast cancer without getting a BreastScreen test.

This test is also known as a mammogram. It can find breast cancer before there are any signs that it’s there – even before you can feel it.

A breast screen is safe. It’s private. It’s free.

When you go to your appointment, you can take a friend or family member if it makes you feel more comfortable.

When you arrive, a female worker will welcome you at the clinic, and she’ll make sure you feel relaxed and safe.

When you are ready, two x-rays of each breast are taken. To take the x-ray, your breast will be compressed – you’ll feel some pressure but it will only last about 10 seconds.

Your x-rays will then be reviewed by two trained medical professionals, and your results will be sent to you in about 2 weeks.

To get a test visit your BreastScreen Australia clinic, or visit 1 of their mobile clinics when it comes to your community.

Women should have a BreastScreen test every 2 years to help them stay healthy and strong for themselves, for their family, and for their community.

To book an appointment call 13 20 50.

For more information, Search BreastScreen Australia online or visit your local medical centre.

Breast screening. Catching it early can give you a long time later.

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