Annual health check for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – Video – Moorditj Koort case study

This video presents a case study of Moorditj Koort, to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to have their free annual health check.


So a 715 Aboriginal health check is really an opportunity for us to pick up issues with our health quicker, to be able to get the prevention side of the health system within our community.

The most important thing in getting a 715 is finding issues, getting to those issues early, and getting them fixed.

I came to the ENT specialist with both my children. And they got their tonsils and adenoids removed.

And since getting them done I haven't had any problems whatsoever.

So Moorditj Koort goes into schools in our local area. We make sure that we're picking up on any kids with bad hearing, eyesight, dental, social and emotional wellbeing, especially for kids struggling in schools, we'll speak with the teachers.

When I got my health check, they checked in my head and they also checked my ears, eyes, and mouth, and my teeth.

And they also checked my height and my weight.

So we'll go in. We'll do the first partial health check.

And then we get the GP to come in to complete the health check.

The most important thing we tell the GPs when we're talking to 'em, in terms of Aboriginal engagement, it's all about relationships.

Relationship is the most important thing for getting people through the door and maintaining people.

The cultural needs of the patient, as well, because culture is different from community to community.

So just sitting down and having a yarn is really important for building up that

trust and enabling people to be able to get a quality service.

When the doctor's finished, if there's anything that the child needs to have done, especially for counselling, dental, ENT, we make sure that each of those students actually get the services they need.

Now that I've had my health check, I don't feel scared to go to the doctor any more.

Your health is in your hands. Book your 715 Aboriginal health check today.

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