Annual health check for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – Video –Awabakal Health Service case study

This video shows the work of the Awabakal Health Service, to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to have their free annual health check.


Joyce Hyde, doctor

The 715 health check is a really important part of how we keep our mob healthy, that checks on physical, social, and emotional health to keep us all as healthy as we can be.

Rod Smith, promotions officer

My life has changed dramatically with the 715, especially on the mental health side of things and getting medication, it has just helped me become a lot more level. Where you can get out and I still go to work. I still play with the kids, you know, and have time with the wife, so I've been able to get a lot of benefits and the change has been dramatic.

Toni Johnston, acting CEO

A 715 health check is critical to the overall health of our aboriginal community. It is an individual health assessment, which is carried out and it should be done every 12 months. And the message we're trying to get out is don't wait until your unwell because the 715 is a preventative health measure. So we want people to come in, do their overall health assessment and not wait until they get sick.

Joyce Hyde

Even though 40 minutes might seem like a really long time to spend talking about health. It's 40 minutes that's really well spent and it can save you a whole heap of time fixing problems in the future.

Simone Jordan, community relations coordinator

After you have a 715 health check, you know that someone's thoroughly looked at all the issues around your health.

From that health check it gives us a whole range of options then to refer you to our other services so you're not just getting your yearly check up.

You actually getting your bloods done, your diet looked at, your feet looked at if you need. Then we have dental, all those sorts of services.

Joyce Hyde

There are a couple of ways that we encourage everyone to look after their own health. One of the ways is linking in with your local doctor to make sure that you get your health checked and to fix small problems before they become big ones.

Toni Johnston

I'd say it's not an invasive process. It's very, it's an open communication process between you and the GP. It's thorough, so we get to learn about you as a person, your personal background and not just your health. Obviously, health is the key aspect of it, but our GPs really want to build that rapport with our patients and our community and get them the health support they actually need.

Joyce Hyde

So come on in, have a yarn to us and get your 715 health check done today.

Simone Jordan

Come on, you mob, get your 715 health check today.

Rod Smith

 If you get a 715 health check, you'll be kicking goals for you and your community.

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