Allied Health Professions Day 2022

The Chief Allied Health Officers from across Australia thank Allied Health Professionals for their contribution to the Australian community.


Dr Anne-marie Boxall: October 14 is International Allied Health Professions Day.

Andrew Davison: It’s a day when we come together to celebrate the unique contribution of the allied health workforce to improving the health and wellbeing of Australians.

Kendra Strong: This year, our theme is ‘Stronger Together’ reminding us that, while we are a diverse group of professions,

Briana Baass: When we come together, we can truly make a difference.

Dr Ingrid Lensink: Working across the health, disability, education, justice, aged and primary care sectors.

Liza-jane McBride: From our capital cities

Heather Malcolm: To the outback, collaborating and supporting each other

Helen Matthews: Improves the care that we provide

Mark Petrich: Changing lives and delivering value for the system.

Liza-jane McBride: So, from all of us to all of you; thank you.

Andrew Davison: Thank you for the care and compassion you provide.

Briana Baass: Thank you for your dedication throughout the pandemic.

Heather Malcolm: Thank you for innovating care and shaping how it is delivered into the future.

Dr Anne-marie Boxall: We are Stronger Together.

Kendra Strong: Stronger Together.

Dr Ingrid Lensink: Stronger Together.

Heather Malcolm: Stronger Together.

Mark Petrich: Stronger Together.

Dr Anne-marie Boxall: Stronger Together.

Helen Matthews: Stronger Together.

Liza-jane McBride: Stronger Together.

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This October 14 is Allied Health Professions Day – a day dedicated to celebrating allied health professionals and raising awareness of the valuable work they do for the healthcare sector. This year, Chief Allied Health Officers from around Australia created a video celebrating this year’s theme of ‘stronger together’. The transcript of this video can be found on this page.

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