Aged Care Nursing Clinical Placements Program – Torrens University

This video highlights students’ experience in the Aged Care Nursing Clinical Placements Program. The program supports nursing students with high-quality clinical placements in the care and support sector, including aged care, and is open until December 2024.


Kashish, Torrens University, registered nursing student, first year: 

I had a perception that no elderly in community. Maybe there's very little.

But now I see a wide, broad, network of clients through Pop-Up that there's so many clients that are still at home. I got to know that I have my placement in Community Care, I was excited.

Laura, Registered Nurse, Pop-Up Health Clinical Facilitator:

It's a very wide range of, you know, patient care that we deliver in the community. I think community nursing is a really important part of our nursing future.

Jess, Registered Nurse, Pop-Up Health: 

I think it's a good placement for them to come in and actually see what we do in the community for that are vulnerable, that don't have the support elsewhere.


A very positive thing which I think, that happened to me, is how everyone teaches you. Other nurses sit with you individually, or together with the students and they teach you, they ask you questions related to your practice and which is so helpful for us. Makes feel more welcome.


We're there to support them somebody just to come to, at the end of the day with their excitement.

Our students that return back from their shift who come to us with a big long notepad and say, have you got any time when we can sit down and discuss.


Took a lot of learnings from this place and I am really happy.

So we, we did a lot of clinical practice and interesting to know, learn with the help of the nurses that we paired with and communication, which is I feel like it's very important in nursing.


You do have to sort of have that critical thinking and being able to pull on that and you skill.

You do have to think on your feet and sometimes you will come across problems that you've got to solve.

And you know, that problem solving and critical thinking is a big part of it.


I would try to put my next workplace like that in community.

Definitely recommend Pop-Up.

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