Vaccine Administration Partners Program Panel

This document contains a list of COVID-19 immunisation providers (IProviders) on the Vaccine Administration Partners Program (VAPP) Panel.


Vaccine Administration Partners Program Panel


  1. Start at cell A5 on the ‘IProviders Panel’ tab, click the drop-down arrow to display the filtering options. A drop-down list will appear and show 2 options to select and de-select from Yes and No.
  2. Select Yes and de-select the No to show IProviders who can provide vaccinations specific to the category you are filtering. For example, cell A5 filters and shows IProviders who can administer vaccinations to Government Agencies and Departments. If you are looking for IProviders who only provide vaccines to Government Agencies and Departments, select the Yes and de-select No.
  3. Continue filtering the remaining cells from cell A5 through to cell AP5.
  4. Once all filtering cells have been filtered scroll to the right to view IProvider options and contact details.
  5. Save a copy of the IProviders you choose and make contact to begin the vaccination program.

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