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Supporting someone who is pregnant

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Publication date: 
24 May 2021
Last updated: 
8 June 2021
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Fact sheet
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General public

Supporting someone who is pregnant

Supports come in all forms – partners, family, friends, neighbours and health care professionals.

Having a baby is one of the biggest events in someone’s life. It comes with a lot of physical and emotional changes (including decrease in sleep). There are many ways you can support someone who is pregnant and make a real difference:

  • Cook healthy meals.
  • Be active together.
  • Stay positive.
  • Provide emotional support seeking support for mental health.

Tips for support:

  • Take older children for a walk to the park.
  • Go to appointments together.
  • Remember, it’s important to look after yourself too.

Tips for support crew during pregnancy

Helpful tips to remember when supporting someone who is pregnant:

  • No 2 pregnancies are the same.
  • Some days their energy will be high and other days it may be low. If they are low for more than a few days, ask how they’re feeling and how you can help.
  • Both women and men can experience depression or anxiety during and after pregnancy. If you or the person you are supporting are feeling low, talk to your health professional for help.
  • Be active together for 30 to 60 minutes most days.
  • Try to minimise stress.
  • Cook healthy meals regularly.
  • Cut down on alcohol to be supportive.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Seek support for mental health.

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