Cover image for the Obligation fact sheet – Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship Scheme Participants


Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship Scheme Participants – Obligation fact sheet June 2022

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Publication date: 
1 August 2021
Last updated: 
11 July 2022
Publication type: 
Fact sheet
Intended audience: 
Health sector

Opt in to the Bonded Medical Program is voluntary. Eligible existing participants of the MRBS Scheme can choose to opt in to the Program provided they have completed their course of study in medicine and are not subject to s19ABA of the Act (i.e. a Medicare Ban). The decision to opt in will depend on the participant’s assessment of the benefits of the Program compared to their existing contract. Participants are encouraged to seek independent legal advice prior to making a decision to opt in. Participants who choose not to opt in will remain in the MRBS Scheme and subject to the requirements of their existing contract.

Also provided is a comparison fact sheet: Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship Scheme & Bonded Medical Program (June 2022)