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Publication date: 
March 2019
Publication type: 
Strategy or framework
Intended audience: 
General public

Arthritis is one of the most common, costly and disabling of all chronic conditions. In its many forms it affects almost 4 million Australians of all ages, including children and young people.

The National Strategic Action Plan for Arthritis sets out a vision for ‘freedom from the burden of arthritis’.

 This includes:

  • improving quality of life for people living with arthritis
  • lowering the associated health-care costs
  • reducing the numbers of Australians affected
  • decreasing its impact on individuals, their carers and the community

The plan identifies 3 priority areas:

  1. Awareness, prevention and education
  2. High-value, person-centred care and support
  3. Research, evidence and data

The plan recommends actions to address these priorities.