Medicare billing assurance charter

This Medicare billing assurance charter sets out the principles that support billing activities under Medicare. Your practice should consider adopting this Charter as part of its Medicare billing assurance approach.

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Our practice’s commitment

Our practice will:

  • apply diligence, care and integrity when lodging Medicare claims for services provided by our practitioners
  • have robust review procedures to make sure our Medicare billing activities are compliant
  • not engage in any billing activity which may bring Medicare, our practitioners or our practice into disrepute, and
  • promote continuous improvement in correct Medicare billing knowledge of health professionals in our practice

What our practice can expect from the Department of Health

The department will:

  • evaluate and share good practice to enable continuous improvement in Medicare billing activities
  • be professional and outcomes-focussed in its dealings with Medicare providers and practices
  • carry out open and transparent consultation wherever possible about the development of Medicare compliance policies, guidelines and processes, and
  • encourage, listen and act on our feedback on any aspect of Medicare billing assurance
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