Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) – Know the facts about JEV and stay safe fact sheet

Help keep our mob from getting really sick by knowing these eight truths about Japanese Encephalitis Virus, or JEV.


Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) – Know the facts about JEV and stay safe fact sheet

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Mozzies aren’t just annoying, they can also pass on harmful viruses to humans, like JEV. It can be a nasty illness, so it’s important that we know as much as possible about JEV, how to avoid it, its symptoms and what to do if you get it.

Here are eight common myths about JEV and the facts you need to stay safe.

  1. MYTH: Even if I get JEV, Myth it's not that serious.
  2. MYTH: I don't live near a piggery or a waterway, so I'm not really at risk.
  3. MYTH: People can get JEV from animals like pigs, birds and even other people.
  4. MYTH: You can get JEV by eating infected pork or bird meat.
  5. MYTH: JEV is from Japan.
  6. MYTH: JEV is seasonal.
  7. MYTH: There's no vaccination for JEV.
  8. MYTH: There's nothing you can do to avoid JEV.

Now that you know the facts about JEV, help keep our mob safe by looking for symptoms and following the tips to avoid mozzies.

Find out more about Japanese Encephalitis Virus at health.gov.au.

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