Guiding principles for medication management in the community collection

These guiding principles aim to promote the quality use of medicines and medication management in the community. They support health and community care service providers supporting older people to manage their medicines in their home and in the community.

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These Guiding Principles for Medication Management in the Community (2022 Ed.) build on the previous edition published in 2006, and promote practice that keeps the individual receiving care at the centre of an integrated health system.

The Guiding Principles promote safe, quality use of medicines and medication management within the community. They also promote a person-centred partnership and systems-based approach when support is being provided to people living at home. Sound governance of medication management is fundamental.

These Guiding Principles are intended to:

  • Assist service providers in developing or evaluating policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Support those involved in assisting people in their homes
  • Support people in managing their own medicine(s)
  • Guide healthcare professionals when applying and evaluating professional practice standards or guidelines.

A list of the guiding principles and key tasks for the healthcare workforce, and/ or the individual, their carer and/or family to action are provided in the fact Sheet

The Glossary for the Guiding Principles and User Guide contains terms, and if appropriate, definitions from external sources, that have been adapted to support and fit the context of the Guiding Principles documents.

Guiding principles

Fact sheets

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