Australian Influenza Surveillance Reports

This collection contains fortnightly Australian Influenza Surveillance Reports (AISRs). We publish these every fortnight during the influenza season, typically between May and October each year.

Collection description

This collection contains fortnightly AISRs, along with reports from previous years and data consideration documents. 

The AISRs are compiled from several data sources used to monitor influenza activity and severity in the community.

View earlier reports on the Trove website. (You will need to right click on the Word documents or PDFs to download them.)

Learn more about our work on influenza surveillance.

Fortnightly report collections

Data considerations

Influenza vaccine efficacy, effectiveness and impact explained

  • There are 3 terms used to describe how well a vaccine works in an influenza season:

    • vaccine efficacy
    • vaccine effectiveness
    • vaccine impact.

    The influenza vaccine efficacy document explains each of these terms as well as information specific to influenza vaccines.

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