My Aged Care hospital portal

Authorised hospital staff can use this portal to search for a patient record in My Aged Care. They can view a summary of a patient’s aged care assessment information to help manage hospital discharge planning.

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About the hospital portal

This portal is for authorised discharge planning hospital staff to:

  • search for a patient record in My Aged Care
  • view a summary of their aged care assessment information
  • view their support network of relationships, organisations and representatives 
  • add notes and attachments to a patient’s My Aged Care record such as a hospital discharge summary
  • update a patient’s status to deceased.

The portal will:

  • improve information sharing between hospital staff and aged care assessors
  • reduces the number of times a patient must repeat their story
  • support Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT) assessment referrals
  • streamline discharge planning for older people.


For guidance and fact sheets, go to My Aged Care hospital portal resources.

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