Medical Costs Finder

The Medical Costs Finder helps you find and understand the typical cost of common specialist services across Australia.

What the Medical Costs Finder is

The Medical Costs Finder is an online tool. It helps patients find the typical cost of specialist medical services. 

It covers common services in and out of hospital. We will continue to add more services over time.

How the Medical Costs Finder helps you

You can use the tool to see:

  • how much people have typically paid out-of-pocket for a medical service what services you may receive before, during and after a procedure 
  • the indicative fees that individual specialists charge for a particular location.

In some cases, you will also see Medicare and private health insurance payments. These could affect the out-of-pocket costs you may pay. 

Please note: the website shows data where it is available and provided to us.

Using the Medical Costs Finder

To use the tool, start by searching the name or MBS item number of your service. You can also browse by the service, procedure, specialty and more. 

To launch the Medical Costs Finder tool, click the button below.

For best results, we recommend using the latest version of your web browser.

More support for making financial decisions


See the Medical Costs Finder disclaimer and terms of use.

For medical specialists

Medical specialists can now participate via the Medical Costs Finder portal.

Participation by medical specialists is voluntary and helps improve cost transparency for patients.

For further information, see the Medical Costs Finder portal terms of use and privacy notice

Supporting your patient

You may need to help your patient understand the implications of out-of-pocket costs.

Knowing how much treatment will cost is called informed financial consent. The government encourages medical specialists to practise informed financial consent with their patients.

For more information, please see the Australian Medical Association’s guide on informed financial consent.

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