Strengthening the Aged Care Quality Standards

The Aged Care Quality Standards set the standard for the safety and quality of aged care accessed by older people in Australia. Find out how we've strengthened the Quality Standards to make them more measurable and detailed.

About the strengthened Quality Standards

Read how we are strengthening the Quality Standards to improve aged care.

What's different

Learn about the changes to the Quality Standards. 

Getting ready

Find out how providers and workers can prepare for the strengthened Quality Standards.

Consultation to strengthen the Quality Standards

See how we co-designed more robust and detailed Quality Standards.

Final draft strengthened Quality Standards

The final draft strengthened Quality Standards are more measurable, are more detailed and reflect the expected quality of aged care. They use clear language, minimise duplication and reflect the new Statement of Rights. 

Download a copy


Draft new Aged Care Act consultation – Q&A panel discussion

This webinar, held on 18 January 2024, was an interactive discussion about the final draft of the new Aged Care Act which was available for consultation until 8 March 2024.

Consultation Summary Report – Aged Care Quality Standards (May 2023)

This consultation summary report outlines what we heard and how we responded to the feedback from the public consultation of the strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards held 17 October to 25 November 2022.

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