Stoma Appliance Scheme for ostomates

The Stoma Appliance Scheme supports around 50,000 Australians with a stoma or fistula that facilitates the removal of urine and/or products of the gastrointestinal tract from the body. Find out how to access the scheme, how to select your stoma products and how to order.

How to access the scheme

If you have a stoma and meet the eligibility requirements, the first thing to do is join a stoma association of your choice.

Each stoma association has its own fees and processes, so we recommend you select the one that suits your needs best. Your stomal therapy nurse might be able to help you.

When choosing an association, you might consider their:

  • annual access fee and payment plan arrangements for financial hardship
  • whether they offer other services and charge a fee for these
  • location – you might prefer an association close to you so you can pick up your order and avoid postage fees and attend in-person events more easily (though some stoma associations offer on-the-road events)
  • postage fees, if you want to receive your supplies by post
  • opening hours, if you want to collect your order in person
  • ordering process – some have closing dates each month for orders, some keep stock on site and post as soon as they receive your order, some order from the supplier when they receive an order.

You can be a member of only one association, but can change at any time, if needed.

You will need to complete an application form.

Once your membership is confirmed, you can start ordering your monthly supplies through your stoma association.

Get help to decide what appliances you need

The Stoma Appliance Scheme subsidises a large choice of stoma appliances and products, including:

  • 1-piece and 2-piece pouching systems
  • irrigation devices
  • catheters
  • hernia support garments
  • creams and ointments
  • deodorants
  • protective films
  • skin cleansers
  • powders and pastes.

Your stomal therapy nurse can help you identify the most appropriate products for your needs. If you need to find the product codes to place your orders, you can search and filter products in the schedule, through our online tool.

You may need to consult a stomal therapy nurse to review whether the products you are using are the best for your condition. Some indicators that a review would be helpful are:

  • you need more products than the monthly maximum allowance
  • your stoma has changed shape
  • your products are leaking
  • the skin around your stoma is broken or irritated
  • you haven’t had a review for more than two years.

Read more about what stomal therapy nurses do and find one near you.

Cost of appliances

Once you have joined the scheme, you do not pay for subsidised stoma appliances or products listed in the scheme schedule. You need to pay:

  • your stoma association’s annual scheme access fee
  • postage and handling fees for your appliances and products, if relevant.

Ordering appliances

Once a month, if applicable, you need to order your supplies. Each stoma association has its own process, and your association will tell you how to put in your order.

The scheme schedule specifies a maximum monthly quantity for each product. If you need more than this limit for a clinical reason, your authorised health professional (stomal therapy nurse, registered nurse, nurse practitioner or registered medical practitioner) can authorise additional supplies using the Application form for additional supplies – Clinical. This authorisation lasts 6 months.

You can order 2 months of products at a time if you have had your stoma for 6 months or more.

When travelling

If you are travelling within Australia, you can order supplies from any stoma association using your Stoma Appliance Scheme entitlement number.

If you are travelling overseas, you can order up to 6 months’ supplies in advance, by providing your association with proof of your travel and a completed Application form for additional supplies – Travel or remote location.

If living or working in a remote location

If you are working and/or living in a remote location (including Norfolk Island), you are eligible to receive 6 months of stoma supplies at a time. You will need to provide evidence of location and a completed Application form for additional supplies – Travel or remote location.



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