Rural Bulk Billing Incentives

The Rural Bulk Billing Incentives will pay higher benefits to regional, rural and remote doctors to bulk bill children and people with a concession card. This makes it more viable for doctors to work in those areas and makes health care more affordable.

About the incentives

Doctors in regional, rural and remote areas have more responsibilities, and deal with more complex cases and higher rates for chronic disease.

The scheme pays doctors in rural, regional and remote areas with higher incentives to bulk bill:

  • children under 16 years
  • patients with a Commonwealth concession card.

The incentive increases with remoteness – the more remote the location, the higher the payment.

The new incentives start on 1 January 2022.


The incentives aim to:

  •  makes regional, rural and remote practices more financially viable
  •  encourage more doctors to work in those areas
  •  increase access to health services for people who live in those areas
  •  make health care more affordable for vulnerable Australians.

This builds on work of our 10-year Stronger Rural Health Strategy.

Read more about what we’re doing for the rural health workforce.

Meeting our goals

We use the Modified Monash Model (MMM) geographical classification system to determine remoteness. Compared with major cities, the new incentives will be:

  •  150% higher in MM 2 areas (unchanged)
  •  160% higher in MM 3 to 4 areas ($10.40 per eligible consultation)
  •  170% higher in MM 5 areas ($11.05 per eligible consultation)
  •  180% in MM 6 areas ($11.70 per eligible consultation)
  •  190% in MM 7 areas (up to $12.35 per eligible consultation).

More than 12,000 regional, rural and remote doctors will be eligible for the higher bulk billing incentives.

Who we work with

We work with Services Australia, which pays doctors when they lodge their bulk billing claims.


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