Review of support for the men’s shed movement

In 2018, we commissioned a review to advise and recommend possible enhancements to guide the men’s shed movement in Australia, and Australian Government funding to the men’s shed movement.

About the initiative

The Australian Government has been providing ongoing funding to support the national men’s shed movement for more than 10 years. The review analysed the state of the movement in Australia. It scanned policies and consulted with a range of stakeholders to form a comprehensive picture of:

  • the movement
  • its impact on health and wellbeing of men
  • potential gaps and ways to best address them.

The review explored the funding structures, activities, outcomes, enabling factors, barriers, and challenges affecting the men’s shed movement across Australia. It identified ways we can effectively enhance support for men’s sheds.


The review's goals were to:

  • reflect on the current state of the men’s shed movement
  • outline best ways to support the movement efficiently and successfully into the future to achieve best outcomes.

Meeting our goals

The review considered the following matters:

  • identified needs within individual sheds
  • outcomes from shed activities
  • unmet needs and challenges
  • outputs from Australian Government funding
  • enabling factors to the men’s shed movement
  • best ways to support the movement in the future.

Who we work with

Urbis Pty Ltd conducted the review in 2018.

Have your say

Urbis Pty Ltd consulted with:

  • key stakeholders at AMSA and AMSA patrons
  • shed members
  • stakeholders involved with the men’s shed movement, including:
    • men’s health experts
    • Australian Government agencies
    • state government health departments
    • local governments
    • state peak bodies for men’s sheds.


The review is complete and we have published the report.

Date last updated:

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