Consumer Health Literacy stream

We fund health consumer health literacy activities under the Quality Use of Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Pathology. Learn more about the program activities in this funding stream.

About the stream

The Consumer Health Literacy stream activities educate patients and their families on strategies to manage their medication needs. These activities provide:

  • educational resources and tools to support consumers and care teams managing their medications and conditions 
  • education programs for high-risk groups and priority populations.


The grant opportunity aims to:

  • improve health literacy of Australians
  • address misinformation about medicines and medical tests
  • reduce the misuse of medicines and medical tests
  • improve health outcomes for Australian consumers.

Projects under this stream

Using medicines for better health – consumer health literacy for quality use of medicines (QUM)

The Health Care Consumers’ Association leads this consortium project, which will improve consumer health literacy and address priority health issues across Australia. These initiatives aim to improve management and quality of life for people with:

  • gout
  • atopic dermatitis
  • non-valvular atrial fibrillation (for older people taking oral anticoagulants). 

They also aim to reduce the risk of harm from antidepressant use among older people.

My Care My Health – Living better with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

The Lung Foundation Australia will provide free and accessible information and services to help people with COPD:

  • become active partners in their COPD management
  • improve their health literacy
  • effectively manage their medication.

Empowering consumers with health literacy in opioid safety

Monash University leads a consortium which will provide essential health literacy tools to help consumers use prescription opioids safely and effectively.

Improving QUM outcomes for people with migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds

The Water Well Project will deliver 400 free QUM health education sessions to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. These sessions are facilitated by healthcare professionals and accredited interpreters. 

National QUM health literacy roadmap

The Consumers Health Forum will deliver a national QUM health literacy roadmap, which aims to:  

  • provide a long-term approach to improving QUM health literacy 
  • help organisations to plan, deliver and assess improvements to health literacy about medicines and medical devices.


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