OzFoodNet network

The OzFoodNet network monitors and responds to foodborne diseases in Australia. Learn about how it monitors, investigates and responds to foodborne diseases to protect Australians from food poisoning.

About the network

The OzFoodNet network ensures we have a national capacity to respond to foodborne diseases.

Why it is important

Surveillance of foodborne disease helps reduce cases of food poisoning.

Analysis of foodborne disease data helps several authorities detect problems with food or water safety, including:

OzFoodNet mission and aims

See OzFoodNet’s official mission statement and aims.


OzFoodNet publishes annual reports in Communicable Diseases Intelligence.

You can also view older reports on Trove.

OzFoodNet’s Guidelines for the epidemiological investigation of multi-jurisdictional outbreaks that are potentially foodborne provide clear guidance for coordinating national epidemiological investigations of outbreaks that cross state, territory and country borders.

Who we work with

We fund state and territory health departments to maintain an OzFoodNet site in each jurisdiction. A coordinating epidemiologist oversees all OzFoodNet sites to ensure consistent methodologies to monitor and investigate foodborne disease and outbreaks.

OzFoodNet is part of the Communicable Diseases Network Australia, and works with:

Learn more

You can see data collected through OzFoodNet via National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System reports.


To contact OzFoodNet, please use our general enquiries form or email enquiries@health.gov.au.

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