National Lung Cancer Screening Program

The new NLCSP is a screening program using low-dose computed tomography scans to look for lung cancer in high-risk people without any symptoms. It aims to find lung cancer early and reduce deaths from lung cancer. Screening services will begin for eligible people from July 2025.

Learn about the program

Find out about the creation of the new program, why screening is important and what the screening pathway will be.

How screening will work

Find out whether you’re eligible for the program and how the process will work.

For healthcare providers

Find information about how to get involved in the program, workforce education and information, program guidelines and the new Medicare items.

Related committees and groups

National Lung Cancer Screening Program Advisory Group

The NLCSP Advisory Group provides advice on implementation, policy and governance for the program.

National Lung Cancer Screening Program Expert Advisory Committee

The NLCSP Expert Advisory Committee provides clinical advice on the quality and safety of the program.

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