Newborn bloodspot screening

Healthcare providers offer bloodspot screening for all babies born in Australia. This simple test identifies babies at risk of becoming seriously ill from a rare condition. Screening aims to improve the health of these babies by allowing early intervention.

Learn about the program

Find out about how newborn bloodspot screening works, conditions we look for and how to find your baby's results.

How NBS programs work

NBS programs are delivered by states and territories. Find program information and contact details.

What conditions we screen for

Learn about conditions screened in your state and territory, and how we assess new conditions for inclusion.

Expansion of newborn bloodspot screening

We are increasing the number and consistency of conditions we screen for. Find out more about these changes.

Did you know?


newborn babies are screened every year

Around 1 in every 1,000

has a condition that would otherwise have gone undetected

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