National Immunisation Program

The National Immunisation Program provides free vaccines to eligible people to help reduce diseases that can be prevented by vaccination.

The National Immunisation Program (NIP) aims to increase national immunisation coverage to help reduce diseases that can be prevented by vaccination.

The program provides free essential vaccines to protect eligible people against a range of diseases.

Read more about why immunisation is important in About immunisation.

Program governance

The program is an established collaborative program involving the Australian Government along with State and Territory Governments.

The Australian Government is responsible for National immunisation policy and the purchase of vaccines covered by the program.

The State and Territory Governments are responsible for coordination and oversight of immunisation service delivery and distribution of vaccines.

The Essential Vaccines Schedule to the Federation Funding Agreement – Health supports the cost-effective and efficient delivery of the NIP. It formalises NIP program arrangements between the parties.

The strategic development and delivery of the program is also overseen by a range of committees and advisory bodies. See Immunisation policy and governance arrangements.

Accessing National Immunisation Program vaccines

Access to free National Immunisation Program vaccines requires a person to hold or be eligible for a Medicare card

The program offers free essential vaccines to eligible people including:

  • infants and children
  • adolescents
  • pregnant women
  • adults and seniors
  • First Nation’s people
  • people with certain medical conditions that puts them at greater risk of certain disease.

The program also covers free catch-up vaccinations if they were missed in childhood for:

  • people aged less than 20 years old
  • refugees and humanitarian entrants of any age.

The program funds all vaccines linked to family assistance payments.

National Immunisation Program schedule

Find details of the vaccines you may be eligible for.

Access the schedule

Getting National Immunisation Program vaccines

You can get National Immunisation Program vaccines from a range of vaccination providers.

See our page on getting vaccinated for more information about:

  • where you can get vaccinated
  • if you need to pay
  • who can be vaccinated
  • what to expect at your vaccination visit
  • vaccine side effects.
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