Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry initiative

The Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry initiative was an initiative under the Medical Research Future. It funded industry placements, mentoring and exchange programs for researchers.

About the initiative

The Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative supported researchers by funding:

  • industry placements
  • mentoring
  • exchange programs
  • exposure to entrepreneurialism
  • skills in research translation and commercialisation
  • a diverse range of experiences beyond the research lab.

Why it is important

Australia’s medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector supports tens of thousands of Australian jobs and contributes billions to the Australian economy. Its future is dependent on the skills of its workforce.

Critical gaps that inhibit the development of an industry-ready workforce need to be addressed in order for Australia’s medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical workforce to meet future demands and to keep pace with a rapidly changing environment. The challenge of developing and retaining world-class research talent who have industry experience in research translation, clinical development, and commercialisation has to be confronted if Australia is to unlock the value of its leading health and medical research.


The objective of this initiative was to:

  • foster partnerships between
    • industry
    • universities
    • registered training organisations
    • governments 
  • strengthen Australia’s success in research translation and commercialisation.

This initiative aimed to strengthen Australia’s ability to turn research ideas into realities by:

  • developing partnerships between the research world and industry
  • providing researchers with a wide range of experiences and exposure to the business world, broadening their working experience, and helping researchers understand how to commercialise their research (develop ideas into real products that can benefit Australia).

Meeting our objectives

We will monitor the initiative in accordance with the principles and approach detailed in the MRFF Monitoring, evaluation and learning strategy.

Who we work with

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) funded the initiative.

Our Health and Medical Research Office oversees all MRFF initiatives.

The Department of Industry, Science and Resources administered this initiative.

MTPConnect delivered the initiative.

Grants awarded

See a list of all MRFF grant recipients.


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