BioMedTech Horizons initiative

BioMedTech Horizons is now part of the Medical Research Commercialisation initiative under the MRFF 10-year Investment Plan.

About the initiative

This initiative funds innovative, collaborative health technologies. It drives discoveries that address key health challenges towards proof-of-concept and commercialisation, maximising entrepreneurship and idea potential.

It now forms part of the Medical Research Commercialisation initiative.

Why it is important

This initiative is important because it develops Australia’s world-class research into real treatments, drugs and devices to benefit Australians.

It supports the Australian biomedical and medical technology sector to create new jobs and expertise. 


The BioMedTech Horizons initiative aims to:

  • develop new biomedical and medical innovation and technologies in Australia to benefit Australians
  • grow our biomedical and medical technology sector so that Australia’s world-class research is developed into real treatments, drugs and devices
  • boost employment and grow business in the biomedical and medical technology sector.

Meeting our goals

The Australian Government provides this funding through an agreement with MTPConnect. MTPConnect is an Industry Growth Centre — a not-for-profit organisation that drives innovation, productivity and competitiveness in the medical technologies, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals sector.

MTPConnect will identify and select promising biomedical and medical technology initiatives and work in partnership to support their development. They focus on projects that are most likely to become successful products in the future.

Who works with us

The Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) funds this initiative.

MTPConnect administers the initiative.


The BioMedTech Horizons initiative now forms part of the Medical Research Commercialisation initiative.


For further information, contact MTPConnect.

MTPConnect contact

MTPConnect is administering the BioMedTech Horizons, the Biomedical Translation Bridge, a Stream under Early Stage Translation and Commercialisation Support, and the REDI initiative. Contact MTPConnect for information about these activities (funded by the MRFF).
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