Governance review of the Australian Men’s Shed Association

We undertook a review to advise and recommend possible enhancements to the Australian Men’s Shed Association’s (AMSA) governance arrangements and Australian Government funding to the men’s shed movement in Australia.

About the initiative

The AMSA Governance Review considered:

  • the operations of the AMSA
  • how the organisation interacts with the state-based men’s shed associations to inform, advise and support Australian men’s sheds.

Why it is important

The Australian Government has been providing ongoing funding to support the national men’s shed movement for 10 years. The review considered:

  • the effectiveness of this funding
  • how well the national movement is meeting the needs of the more than 1,200 individual men’s sheds that exist across Australia.


The review will encourage and promote a unified and well-functioning national men’s shed community.

Meeting our goals

The review considered the following matters:

  • the governance of the AMSA, including its links to, and relationships with, state-based men’s shed associations and individual sheds
  • the performance of AMSA’s key tasks and responsibilities
  • the best ways of working to present a unified movement and promote the benefits of shed participation to all Australians
  • the roles and responsibilities of AMSA and state-based men’s shed associations across Australia
  • the National Shed Development Programme (NSDP).

Who we worked with

National Advisory Pty Ltd conducted the review, assisted by Mercurius Consulting.


National Advisory Pty Ltd consulted with the AMSA, state-based men’s shed associations, and interested sheds in considering the review.


The review is finalised and can be accessed below.

AMSA Governance Review – final report

The review was undertaken with the aim of encouraging a stronger, unified, and well-functioning national men’s shed community. It is a comprehensive review of the governance of AMSA, taking into consideration the views and concerns of men’s shed associations across Australia.

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