Five Year International Medical Graduates Recruitment Scheme

The Five Year International Medical Graduates Recruitment Scheme improves access to doctors in rural and remote areas. It increases the supply of doctors to work in these areas where their services are needed the most.

This scheme was previously known as the Five Year Overseas Trained Doctors Scheme.

About the initiative

The scheme offers incentives to International Medical Graduates (IMG) and foreign graduates of an accredited medical school (FGAMS) who are subject to the section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (the Act) to work in areas of greatest need including:

Why it is important

IMGs and FGAMS play an important role in helping to meet the healthcare needs of Australians, especially in rural and remote areas.

The program’s goals are to:

  • increase the supply of appropriately qualified IMGs and FGAMS in rural and remote Australia
  • enhance the professional development, skills and knowledge of IMGs and FGAMS in Australia
  • maintain the number of general practitioners in rural and remote communities.

Meeting our goals

The scheme provides incentives to IMGs and FGAMS to work in locations that:

  • are in an area classified as rural or remote
  • are considered a DPA or a DWS.

To be eligible for the scheme, IMGs and FGAMS must:


The Five Year International Medical Graduates Recruitment Scheme Guidelines outlines the roles and responsibilities for scheme participants and administrators.

All decisions relating to the scheme must comply with these guidelines.

Who we work with

Rural Workforce Agencies manage the scheme.


If you are an overseas trained doctor interested in participating in the scheme, contact the relevant RWA for more information.

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