Residential aged care workers

When you get vaccinated, you are protecting yourself and the people you care for.

View information on COVID-19 vaccines, including the latest ATAGI advice.

Why you should be vaccinated against COVID-19

Protecting yourself through vaccination will help to protect your family and community from the impacts of COVID-19 including serious illness, hospitalisation and death.

Vaccination continues to be important in managing the risks related to COVID-19 in high-risk settings such as residential aged care. Aged care workers are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to aid protection against both infection and severe disease for themselves and the people they care for.

Some jurisdictions may have requirements in relation to worker COVID-19 vaccinations. Aged care workers and providers should stay up to date with the settings in place in their jurisdiction and note that these settings do change.

The immunity created by COVID-19 vaccines begins to wane over time. Additional doses will bolster a person’s immune response and provide an additional layer of protection to further reduce the risk of infection.

Additional doses increase protection against infection, severe disease, hospitalisation and death from COVID-19.

Why your employer may need to know your vaccination status

All aged care providers are required to report on COVID-19 vaccinations and exemptions, for staff, via the My Aged Care provider portal or when a change in the vaccination status of workers has changed.

Residential aged care workers may be required to notify their employer of their COVID-19 vaccination status under state and territory public health orders mandating vaccination in residential aged care.

Your residential aged care service is required to keep records and report on the number of workers who have received a COVID-19 vaccination, including additional doses.

This information is published on our website by aged care home.

Read more about mandatory COVID-19 vaccination reporting.

How to prove your vaccination status

There are 2 options for you to provide evidence of COVID-19 vaccination in Australia:

  1. A COVID-19 Digital Certificate – updated for each dose of vaccine, including any additional doses.
  2. An Immunisation History Statement – which displays all vaccinations or medical contraindications and authorised exemptions, including COVID-19, that have been reported to the Australian Immunisation Register.

Read the fact sheet on how residential aged care workers can prove their COVID-19 vaccination status.

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