COVID-19 vaccine operations

Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout is a large and complex operation. It spans the whole country and involves many organisations working together.

About the Vaccine Operations Centre

The Vaccine Operations Centre brings together Commonwealth and state and territory government efforts to manage and coordinate the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines rollout across Australia.

Why it is important

The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is a highly complex logistical operation and requires careful storage and handling of temperature-sensitive vaccines.

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of COVID-19 vaccines across Australia and will continue to work with clinics and ensure that the vaccination program is rolled out as safely and efficiently as possible.

What the Operations Centre does

The Vaccine Operations Centre:

  • operates a contact centre to support
    • state and territory authorities
    • primary care vaccination providers
    • aged care & disability facility vaccination providers 
    • other government agencies supporting  the  COVID-19 response.
  • works with state and territory jurisdictions, and primary care providers to ensure the supply and delivery of the COVID-19 vaccines
  • works with and manages our logistic partners to coordinate safe delivery and storage of vaccines
  • liaises with manufacturers to manage, coordinate and source vaccine supply for the Australian population
  • monitors and manages issues and incidents
  • provides the capability to display real time monitoring of issues for daily distribution and logistics
  • provides regular data and information on the national COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Who is involved

Led by an executive team of operational leads, the Vaccine Operations Centre is supported by staff from across the Australian Public Service including from:

  • Department of Health
  • Services Australia
  • Australian Defence Force

The centre also works closely with:

  • distribution partners DHL and Linfox
  • workforce providers, Aspen Medical, Sonic Australia, Healthcare Australia, and International SOS.


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