Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) wellness and reablement initiative

For your Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) service to remain eligible for government funding, you need to embed wellness and reablement services into your organisation. Join our community of practice and find resources to help you.

About wellness and reablement in the CHSP 

As a CHSP provider, you must use a wellness and reablement approach when delivering services. 

This means:

  • moving from ‘doing for’ a person to ‘doing with’ them, not taking over tasks they can do themselves
  • building on what people can do, rather than focusing on what they can’t do
  • helping people regain confidence and independence so they don’t need ongoing services.

You must report to us about how you are doing this. See previous reports

For more information, see the CHSP manual, which includes case studies and other resources on how it works in practice

About the More Good Days initiative

The More Good Days initiative aims to help CHSP service providers embed wellness and reablement into their organisational practice and service delivery by developing:

  • practical information and tools to support workers and managers
  • an online community where they can engage with each other, get support and share innovative ideas
  • online training in wellness and reablement approaches to service delivery that better support clients' independence.

Why it is important

Providers need to evolve their business model to help clients remain independent longer. People who keep doing everyday tasks live better and longer.

Short-term care service providers that embrace wellness and reablement:

  • can support more clients
  • improve client outcomes
  • increase repeat business as clients’ needs become more complex.

Offering short-term care that focuses on individual client goals will help improve client independence – giving them more good days doing the things they love.


Community of practice

We have a Reablement Community of Practice for CHSP providers to:

  • connect
  • help and support each other
  • share ideas and stories
  • seek feedback.

To join, you will need to create an account

Online training

We offer online training modules for CHSP support workers, allied health professionals and team leaders to embed wellness and reablement into everyday service delivery approaches. 

The following eLearning modules are available on the My Aged Care Learning Environment (MACLE), with free places available for CHSP providers:

  • Foundations in wellness and reablement
  • Wellness and reablement in practice
  • Reablement planning and strategy development
  • Facilitator’s Toolkit for CHSP providers with in-house training infrastructure.

The training is self-paced, and adult learning principles apply. This allows individuals to complete the training at their own pace, learning style and speed. 

To register, contact us.

Resource collection

We have a collection of practical guides and tools for CHSP providers on how to embed wellness and reablement into their care planning and service delivery.


To strengthen reablement approaches within the CHSP, we held a trial from February 2019 and December 2020 to test a reablement-focused assessment model.

See the outcomes of this trial in the final evaluation report.


Wellness and reablement contact

Contact us if you have any questions about wellness and reablement in aged care.
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