Better Access initiative

The Better Access initiative gives Medicare rebates to help people access mental health professionals and care, regardless of where they live. Find out how the initiative works, who is eligible and how you can access supports.

About the initiative

The Better Access initiative gives Medicare rebates to eligible people, so they can access the mental health services they need.

Support is available from eligible general practitioners (GPs) and other medical practitioners, psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists.

Eligible people can receive up to 10 individual and up to 10 group allied mental health services each year.

Since 1 November 2017, those who live in rural and remote areas  (Modified Monash Model areas 4 to 7) have had access to these services via telehealth. Since 30 March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone can now access telehealth.

Evaluation of the Better Access initiative – final report

This is the final report of an independent evaluation of the Better Access to Psychiatrists, Psychologists and General Practitioners through the Medicare Benefits Schedule initiative (Better Access), undertaken by the University of Melbourne.

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Why it is important

Living with mental ill-health has a huge impact on people’s lives, and can be overwhelming. For people experiencing mental ill-health, getting the right support and treatment strategies early is critical.

Better Access helps cover the cost of this support, giving people easier access and more choice.

People in rural and remote areas, where mental health services can be scarce, particularly benefit from being able to access video consultations.

Goals of the initiative

Better Access aims to encourage more people to seek support for their mental ill-health.

It works to improve treatment and management for people who have mild to moderate mental health conditions. These are cases where short-term evidence-based interventions are most likely to be useful. 

Better Access also funds education and training for health professionals. This helps increase the skills of our mental health workforce to ensure people get effective support.

Better Access Evaluation

An evaluation of Better Access was completed in December 2022. Future arrangements will be informed by the evaluation findings. The evaluation report is now available. 

Who can access Better Access rebates

The rebate is available to people with a diagnosed mental disorder. This includes many conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

The first step is to talk to your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician and discuss whether treatment under Better Access is suitable for your needs.

MBS item changes for group therapy under the Better Access initiative

From 1 November 2022, group therapy Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items under the Better Access initiative will include:

  • 16 new MBS items for group therapy sessions lasting at least 90 minutes or 120 minutes
  • amendments to 8 existing MBS items to reduce the minimum number of patients required to hold a group therapy session from 6 to 4
  • allowing all group therapy MBS items to be claimed with only 3 patients, if 4 patients were scheduled to attend but one patient does not attend (for example, due to unforeseen circumstances).

More information on Group Therapy MBS Changes can be found on MBS online.

Who we work with

We fund and manage the Better Access initiative.

Services Australia processes benefits paid under the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

Better Access education and training

Better Access funds education and training for mental health professionals. This helps to build their skills in working with people who live with mental ill-health.

It also helps them understand important aspects of effectively treating people, including:

  • understanding Medicare Benefits Schedule item numbers
  • referrals and patient health care planning
  • how mental health professionals can work together in a multidisciplinary care team.

To support medical professionals, we fund the:

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For more information on Better Access call Medicare on:

  • 132 150 for providers
  • 132 011 for people seeking assistance.
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