Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Storage Funding Program

This program supports patients who face extra costs to preserve their fertility (for future treatment such as IVF) because they have cancer or are at risk of passing on a genetic condition. It provides funding to help with the cost of freezing eggs, sperm or embryos (cryostorage).

About the program

Find out what the program is, why it is important, what it aims to do and who we work with to deliver it.


Find out if you and the cryostorage services you need are eligible for funding, and the evidence your clinic must provide.

How it works

If you're eligible, your clinic can claim for payments on your behalf. You will have no out-of-pocket costs to pay.

For clinics

Find out how to register for the program, invite patients to take part, and claim and receive payments on their behalf. 


ART Storage Funding Program – fact sheet for patients

This fact sheet provides an overview of the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Storage Funding Program, including who is eligible, how funding is provided and your obligations if you take part.
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