Guidance for aged care assessors

View our guides and resources on carrying out assessments and managing assessments in the My Aged Care assessor portal. If you still have questions after reading these and talking to your colleagues, find out how to contact us for help.

Assessment manual and guides

My Aged Care Assessment Manual

This manual is for Regional Assessment Services (RAS) and Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT). It guides assessors on using good practices in the assessment of older people’s support needs and their eligibility for Australian Government–subsidised aged care services.

For all guides, fact sheets, and videos about assessments, view all assessment resources.

My Aged Care assessor portal resources

Find out how to manage assessments in the My Aged Care assessor portal.

You can also view:

Apps for assessors

myAssessor app

Aged care assessors can use this app to conduct assessments when there is no internet access. Download client information beforehand from the assessor portal and upload the assessment information when you’re back in the office. The app is designed for tablet devices.

myAssessor app – sideloading files

Aged care assessment organisations can distribute the myAssessor installation files so their staff can manually install (sideload) the myAssessor app on a Windows device.


If you have questions, we encourage you to:

  • read the Assessment Manual and our resources and guides
  • talk to your colleagues, team leader or manager

If you still have questions, contact the My Aged Care helpline below.

My Aged Care service provider and assessor helpline

This helpline is for government-subsidised aged care service providers, assessors, and hospital portal users. It provides technical assistance for the users of the portals and the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program. Call from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday or 10am to 2pm Saturday.
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