Before providing aged care assessment services

Before conducting assessments, assessors must complete standard training, understand their responsibilities, set up their access to the My Aged Care assessor portal, and create a profile in the portal. This applies to Regional Assessment Services (RAS) and Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessors.

Complete required training

All assessors must complete the My Aged Care standard training.

ACAT delegates must also complete the My Aged Care ACAT Delegation Training.

New training requirements from 1 March 2023

From 1 March 2023:

  • We are moving to a new approach to training for the My Aged Care (MAC) Workforce.
  • Training for new aged care assessors will be available from a new Learning Management System called MAClearning.


MAClearning is our new Learning Management System for the My Aged Care Workforce.


  • replaces the existing MyMACLE learning management system
  • provides new assessors with access to revised learning material and an updated appraisal process.

New assessors who complete their training through the MAClearning system will receive an aged care sector recognised certificate of completion.

MACLearning provides access to the minimum training requirements for:

  • Customer Solutions Specialists (CSS) in the My Aged Care Contact Centre
  • Aged Care Specialist Officers (ACSO) in selected Services Australia service centres
  • Home Support Assessors in RAS
  • Comprehensive Assessors in ACAT.

Learners already in assessor training

Learners, currently enrolled in assessor training using the MyMACLE learning management system, will be supported to complete their training by 30 June 2023.

Meeting minimum training requirements

After 1 March 2023, to meet the minimum training requirements for My Aged Care Assessors, you must have either:

  • started work before 1 March 2023 and completed the following My Aged Care standard training:
    • Statement of Attainment 2 (RAS only)
    • Statement of Attainment 4 (ACAT only)
    • My Aged Care systems training
    • self-paced learning experiences
    • organisations induction training
  • started work after 1 March 2023 and completed the minimum training requirements specified in the My Aged Care Workforce Learning Strategy.

ACAT Assessors moving into the delegate role for the first time

From 1 March 2023, ACAT Assessors moving into the delegate role for the first time must complete the delegate training on MAClearning.

You must complete training before starting the delegate role, as listed in the My Aged Care Assessment Manual. Current ACAT delegates will still be compliant.

New and refresher training

New and existing assessors will have access to new and refresher training, through MAClearning from mid 2023.

Learn more

The learning and training for the MAC workforce follow the:

The aim of the learning strategy and the QLF is to guide the delivery of quality learning and training for the My Aged Care workforce. This is so the workforce can provide consistent, reliable and high-quality information and services for older people.

Find more information about the new My Aged Care Workforce training.

For more detail, read chapter 26 of the Assessment Manual.

Understand your responsibilities

You must understand and meet your responsibilities as an aged care assessor. Your contract and the Assessment Manual sets out these responsibilities.

Set up access to the My Aged Care assessor portal

As an assessor, you will use the My Aged Care assessor portal to:

  • access referrals for assessment
  • do the assessments
  • develop support plans
  • refer clients to services
  • update client records
  • review support plans

To access the portal, you need to authenticate your login.

Create and edit staff details

If you’re the administrator in your organisation, you need to create staff accounts for all assessors. You can also edit staff details as needed.

To find out more, read:

Download the myAssessor app

You can use the myAssessor app to conduct assessments when you do not have internet access. It is compatible with Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows devices.

You can also sideload (manually install) the app on Windows devices using an installation file. To find out more, view the Sideloading of the myAssessor App User Guide.

myAssessor app

Aged care assessors can use this app to conduct assessments when there is no internet access. Download client information beforehand from the assessor portal and upload the assessment information when you’re back in the office. The app is designed for tablet devices.
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