Date published: 
21 April 2022
Intended audience: 
General public
Why is it recommended to get a COVID-19 booster?

A lot of people are wondering whether they should get their COVID-19 booster. Some think they have already had their two vaccine doses and that should be enough. Others think they’ve already caught COVID-19 so they don’t need to worry about getting the vaccine. In this video, nurse Priscilla explains why getting your COVID-19 booster is so important.

“Being vaccinated and boosted means there’s a much lower risk of becoming seriously ill or going to hospital if you catch COVID-19, as well as a lower risk of dying. I’ve seen it for myself,” said nurse Priscilla.

Having two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine means you have very good protection, especially against severe disease, but a booster dose will make sure the protection from the first two doses is even stronger and longer lasting.

Booster doses are free for everyone and available from doctors, health clinics and pharmacies. Everyone aged 16 years and over are recommended to get a COVID-19 vaccine booster dose when they can. 

Read more COVID-19 booster vaccine advice on the Department of Health website. To book a booster dose, yarn to your local healthcare worker or use the COVID-19 Clinic Finder.