Vaccine Operations Centre – Weekly Operational Update – 7 June 2021

A statement from the Vaccine Operations Centre on the status of the vaccine rollout.

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A total of 5,076,413 vaccinations have been administered at more than 5,400 sites. As of today, 8,062,388 vaccine doses have been delivered to these sites by the Australian Government.

Last week, more than 800,000 doses were administered across the country demonstrating the increasing pace of the rollout. This included a record day of vaccinations, with 143,659 vaccinations recorded on 3 June 2021.

The Vaccine Operations Centre is this week focused on continuing to support Victorians to access vaccination, and on implementing the decisions of National Cabinet.

As of tomorrow, Tuesday 8 June, people 40 to 49 years of age can access vaccines in every jurisdiction, in addition to those that were already eligible. They can do so by visiting using the eligibility checkerto book an appointment.
Additional groups eligible for vaccination as of 8 June are:

  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 16 to 49
  • NDIS participants aged years 16 and over, and carers of NDIS participants of any age
  • Temporary visa holders aged under 50 years who are currently in Australia and have been approved for return travel to Australia through the travel exemption process.

There is also continued emphasis on the vaccination of aged care workers and residents. This week, all residential aged care facilities will have had a first dose visit. In addition to continuing with second dose visits, we will continue to support residents by conducting roving clinics to visit facilities that have already had a first dose, and offer first dose vaccinations for residents who may not have chosen to be vaccinated during the first visit.

Aged care and disability care workers can continue accessing vaccinations through multiple avenues including state and commonwealth-run facilities in their area.
The expansion of the rollout continues, with the Vaccine Operations Centre this week on-boarding additional sites in Queensland, including 49 community pharmacies, to increase access in rural and remote areas.

Supplying and producing the vaccine

Last week, 298,350 doses of Pfizer and 949,300 doses of AstraZeneca were released for distribution.

Over the coming days, the Therapeutic Goods Administration will conduct sample testing of more than 1,040,000 doses of Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine (produced onshore by CSL), prior to releasing the vaccines for distribution.

Distributing the vaccine

Last week, more than 920,000 vaccine doses were delivered across Australia to metropolitan, rural and remote locations, along with nearly 2,500 deliveries of consumables.

  • Additional doses for Victoria.Total Pfizer and AstraZeneca supplied to Victorian state hubs is now 1,000,750 doses (with approximately 366,000 remaining). In addition to the previous increase of 170,000 AstraZeneca for Victoria, we have: processed all requests for urgent or increased orders received this week from Victorian General Practices (to-date all have either been delivered all will be delivered today and tomorrow); agreed to increase the allocation of AstraZeneca for General Practices in Victoria by 115,000 per week for the next two weeks, temporarily doubling their previous allocation; and approved an additional 100,620 doses of Pfizer over three weeks, commencing 14 June 2021.
  • Ordering and delivery. 99.9% of vaccine orders were completed last week with 2 orders (one from WA and one from QLD) to be finalised today.
  • Australia's assistance to the Pacific.This week another 70,000 doses will be made available for distribution to the Pacific, with more than 288,480 doses now provided to DFAT for our Pacific partners.

Administering the vaccine

Last week, a record number of doses were administered nationwide, with 832,813 doses taking the total to 5,076,413.

An analysis of the data demonstrates a significant weekday average increase of more than 28,000 doses per day compared to the previous week, now sitting at more than 136,000 per weekday. This resulted from a week on week increase in Pfizer vaccinations to those aged 40-49, as well as another increase in the rate of AstraZeneca vaccinations in those aged 50-69.

  • Total sites.We have 4,395 general practices, 136 Commonwealth Vaccination Clinics (CVCs - formerly GPRCs), 157 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services and 49 pharmacies now delivering vaccines, along with 746 state and territory sites, taking the total number of vaccination sites across the country to 5,483. This includes approximately 13 CVCs, which are now administering Pfizer from this week.
  • Aged care.With our vaccine workforce service providers, we continue to focus on those most at risk in our residential aged care facilities, and have now completed first dose visits to 2,561 facilities (99%) and 2,163 second dose visits (84%).
  • Disability.In-reach services are continuing to increase, with 223 visits conducted last week. Approximately 7,300 people with a disability in a residential setting have received at least one dose.

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