The National One Stop Shop – a national platform for health-related human research

The consultation report for the National One Stop Shop for Clinical Trials and Health-related Human Research is now available.

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The National One Stop Shop for Clinical Trials and Health-related Human Research consultation report sets out the process to develop a national health-related human research Information and Communication Technology (ICT) platform.

The national health-related human research ICT platform will provide a coordinated system of approval and reporting processes for human research, including clinical trials in Australia.

The National One Stop Shop will transform the ability of patients to access clinical trials and therapeutic interventions. It will also make it easier for industry, sponsors and researchers, to find, invest and conduct research in Australia.

The published report outlines consultation process undertaken by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC), in partnership with:

  • the Department of Health and Aged Care
  • all jurisdictions
  • other agencies
  • the research sector through the Clinical Trials Project Reference Group.

Engagement in the national consultation, also included:

  • governments
  • researchers
  • commercial trial sponsors
  • health service organisations
  • universities
  • the community
  • those with an interest in the clinical trial sector.

The concept for the National One Stop Shop builds on international evidence that nationalised platforms are critical to building a stronger, more competitive health-research sector. The evidence also suggests that jurisdictional collaboration is critical to success in federated health systems.

Read the report: Requirements for the National One Stop Shop, the National Clinical Trials Front Door and core elements of the National Site-Specific Assessment.

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