Public release for 2022 Health Employee Census Results

The Australian Public Service employee census report for 2022 has been released. Read more about the census and Health's results.

General public

The annual Australian Public Service (APS) employee census was conducted from 9 May to 10 June 2022. It collects information on the attitudes and opinions of APS employees.

We have published the Highlights Report with the results of the 74% of Health staff who participated.

The report shows that the Department has continued to build on our positive results from 2021. Some of the key areas which saw significant improvement since 2021 were:

  • staff consultation and change management;
  • a reduction in staff feeling their work was emotionally demanding; and
  • an increase in staff feeling inspired by their job and the Department to do their best work.

Over the coming year, the Department will continue to build on our strong leadership and positive culture. Other key focus areas will be:

  • innovation;
  • change management; and
  • staff consultation.

This will ensure the Department continues to build on the significant improvements made in 2022.

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