New national campaign launched to help young people quit vaping

The Australian Government has launched a new public health campaign to encourage young people to stop vaping – and not take it up in the first place.

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In recent years, e-cigarette use has increased significantly, particularly among young Australians.

The campaign asks young people ‘why are we still vaping’ and highlights the harms of vaping to their physical and mental health. 

We are aiming to reach young people aged 14 to 24 and focusing on the social benefits of quitting together. We want to increase young people’s confidence in their ability to quit and empower them to take control of their health. 

The campaign shows a clear path to addiction through demonstrations of nicotine dependency and isolation. It features messaging about how vaping can quickly progress from the early ‘casual’ stage of using vapes to it becoming addictive. It also shows how vaping can cause people to lose enjoyment in their social activities and connections. 

We have also developed dedicated resources for parents and carers, and others who support young people who are trying to quit. These include a conversation guide, fact sheet and frequently asked questions. Our resources are designed to help parents and carers start conversations about the harms of vaping. They explain what is in a vape and provide information about available support services. 

The campaign is running nationally across television, digital video and audio, social media, radio and out of home channels.

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For support to stop vaping download the My QuitBuddy app or find out more information about support services on the youth vaping campaign site.

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