Date published: 
18 December 2020
Intended audience: 
Health sector
women with pram at the doctor

MumBubVax is a new evidence-based communication package to use in primary care or maternity services. It aims to improve conversations about vaccination between health care providers and expectant parents.

The MumBubVax package includes:

The MumBubVax VaxChat eLearning modules help providers adapt their approach to more effectively recommend vaccination during pregnancy. It will also help providers to answer questions from expectant parents.

There are 7 modules on topics including:

  • communication techniques
  • strategies to address vaccination misconceptions
  • key messages about maternal influenza and pertussis and newborn hepatitis B vaccination
  • strategies to improve uptake in your clinic.

After each module, users are quizzed on the learnings.

Each module takes less than 15 minutes and they can be completed in any order.

Providers in some professions can claim self-directed learning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for completing the modules.

The MumBubVax package supports vaccine uptake, along with other strategies like reminders.

Register now to complete the VaxChat eLearning modules.

A team of researchers led by Associate Professor Margie Danchin developed the MumBubVax website. They worked in partnership with the Murdoch Children's Research Institute and other contributors. We provided funding for the package.

Visit the MumBubVax website to learn more about the MumBubVax package.

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