Investing in today’s research for tomorrow’s health care

Read how the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) 3rd 10-year Investment Plan will support Australian research to ensure Australians receive the highest quality health care.

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There is no better way to ensure Australians receive the highest quality health care than by investing in Australian medical research.

The $6.5 billion MRFF 3rd 10-year Investment Plan outlines the Australian Government’s plans for MRFF funding from 2024-25. The plan:

  • builds on investments made through previous MRFF Investment Plans
  • updates and refines existing programs
  • provides targeted investments in new and emerging health priorities. 

The plan also gives researchers, industry and consumers certainty and direction so they can:

  • address areas of unmet need
  • excel in collaborative and transformative research
  • harness resources across the research system.

Read the MRFF 3rd 10-year Investment Plan.

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