Make STI testing your Beforeplay – campaign launched today

We have launched a new sexually transmissible infection (STI) campaign. The national advertising campaign aims to increase awareness, testing and prevention of STIs that are on the rise in young people.

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The new STI campaign aims to educate and raise awareness of STI prevention, with a focus on testing and promotion of safe sex behaviours.

Some STIs, including syphilis, gonorrhoea, and chlamydia, are on the rise in Australia – particularly in young people aged 34 years and under.

1 in 6 people will get an STI in their lifetime.

Some STIs do not display symptoms, so you could have an STI without knowing it.

That’s why regular testing and using protection is important. Most STIs are treatable if caught early.

The campaign encourages young people to:

  • test regularly and access treatment early
  • always practise safe sex behaviours such as using a condom
  • talk about STIs and sexual health
  • seek information about sexual health and STIs from credible sources, including your healthcare professional.

The campaign will run nationally across digital channels, along with billboards and posters in the community.

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