Helping young Australians learn about the harms of vaping

We’re raising awareness about the harms of vaping and helping young people go vape-free.

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We are partnering with media platforms, such as Spotify and Year 13, and well-known influencers including gaming, comedy and lifestyle personalities, to challenge the social acceptance of vaping among young people.

These platforms and personalities will help young Australians learn about the harms of vaping and raise awareness of the help available if they’re wanting to quit.

Vaping – or the use of e-cigarettes – has been increasing among young people in Australia. 

Data from the Australian Secondary School Students’ Alcohol and Drug Survey (2022–23) show that around 1 in 6 (16%) high school students reported recently vaping. This is a fourfold increase from 4% of high school students in 2017.

Through these partnerships, we’ll provide content that:

  • meets the needs of young Australians who are curious or concerned about vaping 
  • provides young Australians with credible information about vaping
  • provides support and resources for young people who want to quit or reduce vaping.

A dedicated web hub will provide reliable information about vaping. It contains resources and links to support services to help young people trying to reduce or quit vaping.

Learn more about the campaign and vaping:

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