Healthy Lunchbox Week

Thinking about what we feed our bodies every day is important to stay well and strong. Learn how to pack healthy lunches like Dhauwurd-Wurrung Elderly & Community Health Service Inc. for Healthy Lunchbox Week.

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Healthy Lunchbox Week is a yearly campaign started by Nutrition Australia to inspire Australian families to make healthy lunchboxes their families will love. This year it ran from 5 to 11 February 2023 to kick off the school term.

To celebrate the week, Dhauwurd-Wurrung Elderly & Community Health Service Inc. hosted a Healthy Lunchbox session. Teaching kids how to pack a healthy lunch, that includes the 5 core food groups: vegetables, grains, fruit, protein and dairy. 

How much you should eat of each type of food varies depending on your age, gender and other factors. To stay healthy, you should drink plenty of water and eat a range of nutritious food from the 5 food groups. Use the nutrition calculator to help you plan what to eat every day. 

When you’re trying to eat healthy, having the same thing every day can get boring. You can keep things fun by trying out different styles of breads and getting creative with recipes. Try to avoid having too much food and drink that gives little nutrients. Avoid foods that are high in added sugars, salt, and saturated fat like hot chips, cakes, biscuits, crisps, lollies, soft drink, and alcohol.

For Healthy Lunchbox Week, Dhauwurd-Wurrung Elderly & Community Health Service Inc. held a cooking class and made small egg quiches. These are great for breakfast, lunch, or even to snack on.

If you’re needing a little lunchbox inspiration, check out the Healthy Lunchbox Week website for some recipe ideas. Make sure you're meeting your daily nutritional needs to fuel your brain and body to keep you strong!

Be sure to also visit the department’s website for more information on eating well.

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