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Statement from the Department of Health in relation to the incorrectly administered vaccination in a Brisbane aged care facility.

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The Department of Health was categorically assured this morning by Healthcare Australia (HCA) that the doctor who incorrectly administered the vaccination in a Brisbane aged care facility had completed all of the required COVID-19 vaccine training.

On further investigation, HCA advised the department this afternoon this was not the case – and the doctor had not completed the necessary COVID-19 training prior to administering the vaccine.

HCA has advised that this doctor has not been involved in delivering vaccinations in any other facilities and that this was his one and only COVID-19 vaccine shift.

The doctor dispensed more than the prescribed doses to two patients at Holy Spirit Carseldine in North Brisbane.

Both patients are being closely monitored by clinical teams in hospital. They will continue to be observed as a precaution. The families of the two residents have been notified.

The department is concerned at this serious breach of protocol and the misleading information it received from HCA. We have at all times made it abundantly clear that safety cannot be compromised.

The department has sought urgent evidence, independently verified, that all other HCA immunisers have completed all of the required training.

The department has issued notice that the company could face contract termination or other sanction if further breaches occur.

The department will refer the doctor in question to the appropriate regulatory authority.

A senior clinical advisor will also be embedded within HCA to independently review the company’s protocol and operations.  

Our focus during the vaccine rollout remains on the safety of all Australians.


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