Have your say on a proposed National Medicines Traceability Framework

We are about to open a consultation about a potential National Medicines Traceability Framework (NMTF) for PBS medicines. If you are an industry participant of the medicine supply chain in Australia, you can take part. Find out how you can get involved and make a submission.

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In response to the 2020–21 Budget measure Improving Access to Medicines – Unique Identification framework for PBS medicines we are exploring the development of a National Medicines Traceability Framework. We are seeking initial feedback from key medicine supply chain stakeholders to help recommend options for a framework.

The use of traceability frameworks is becoming more frequent around the world. By providing access to near real-time data on medicine location and movement they:

  • help safeguard and strengthen the integrity of the medicine supply chain
  • enhance patient safety.

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This initial round of consultation with key medicine supply chain stakeholders aims to:

  • help shape the framework policy
  • determine feasible framework designs and implementation approaches
  • gauge industry’s appetite and readiness to operation within a framework
  • identify the expected impacts and benefits a framework may have on businesses.

The results of this first consultation will inform our framework policy recommendations and will ensure we consider industry viewpoints.

More opportunities for wider consultation on key elements of the framework will be available at a later date.


To access our NMTF consultation paper and survey, please email nmtf@health.gov.au.


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