Consumer Health Literacy and Health Professional Education Grant Opportunity Forum presentation

Learn about the forum we hosted for stakeholders interested in the Consumer Health Literacy or Health Professional Education Grant Opportunity.

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We recently hosted a Grant Opportunity Forum for stakeholders to learn about the upcoming grant opportunities in the Quality Use of Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Pathology (QUDTP) Program.

There are 2 grant streams available in this upcoming grant round, including the: 

  • Consumer Health Literacy opportunity 
  • Health Professional Education opportunity. 

Both grant streams focus on improving the quality use of medicines through the relevant population. We may also consider grant applications if they support medical testing that improves quality use of medicines.

This is the second round of grant opportunities delivered under QUDTP Program. There will be a total of $6.186m available for Consumer Health Literacy grants and $32.742m for Health Professional Education.

We anticipate a high number of consortium arrangement submissions and encourage applicants to demonstrate a system-wide approach in their grant applications. These application types benefit the quality use of medicines environment as they illustrate multi-faceted delivery.

We are coordinating a list of contacts to be distributed amongst interested organisations. If you would like to network with other organisations, please email us at with your:

  • name
  • position
  • organisation
  • area of interest.

For more information about proposed timeframes and the application, see the Grant Opportunity Forum for stakeholders presentation.

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