Date published: 
20 January 2022
Media type: 
General public

The Commonwealth Government through the Department of Health is reporting false claims about the requisition of Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) to the ACCC.

These claims are categorically untrue. They have also been made in relation to at least one state government and will be a matter for the ACCC.

Supplies of RAT kits are not being redirected to the Commonwealth and at no time has the Department sought to place itself ahead of other commercial and retail entities.

Where such claims have been made, the Department has written to the relevant retailer to reassure them that is not the case and seek further detail or evidence of the claims made by suppliers.

The Department is liaising closely with the ACCC and is highlighting the pattern of conduct and providing specific examples of such claims.

While we are aware there are supply constraints within the market, it is expected supply will normalise over the coming weeks.

The Department of Health reaffirms that the Commonwealth Government has not requisitioned RAT supplies within and entering Australia. Any such claims are false, and where notified to the Department will be referred to the ACCC. 


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