Bushfire smoke fact sheets are now available

Bushfires can result in air quality issues that impact large parts of the country. We have two fact sheets to help people stay safe and minimise the risk to health from bushfire smoke.

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Bushfires can lead to air quality issues impacting large parts of the country. Bushfire smoke can decrease air quality close to a fire front, and even some distance away from the fire. This was evident during the 2019–2020 Australian bushfire season.

Health has developed two fact sheets with information to help people stay safe and minimise the risk to their health from bushfire smoke. We based the fact sheets on the latest evidence. One includes general information, the other has information specific to vulnerable groups who may have increased risk due to pre-existing health conditions.

There is more information on bushfire preparedness on your state or territory government website. We've put their website details in the general information fact sheet.

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